Megan Vaught


Daniel Burns

Megan Vaught and Daniel Burns

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Our Story

Megan Vaught and Daniel Burns met in January of 2017 while Megan was finishing her final year of college. Dan ran an office in Centerville and Megan needed some internship experience before graduating. Love at first sight might be an understatement. It was only a matter of weeks before their first date. Megan dropped the hint that she would be picking up some shawarma at one of Dan's favorite spots. He swears that there was never an actual invite to the first date, but the intention was definitely there. There were many wonderful dates to follow; dinner dates, mall walks, bowling (yikes), and hikes through Caesar's Creek and Yellow Springs.

Two years later, after the hustle and bustle of life had really begun, Dan asked to have a date day. One where they could put the normal tolls of life behind and really pay attention to each other, like many of those first dates. Megan decided on one of her favorite spots in downtown Waynesville; a little french bistro called The Cobblestone Cafe. They had truffle crepes, spinach artichoke grilled cheese, and finished it off with hot chai tea lattes. Then, they decided to take a walk in Caesar's Creek, in the same hiking spot as years before. They stumbled upon a little building built into the woods and decided to explore. The building had no roof, just the walls made of stacked stones. Megan was distracted by this curious building and had no idea what was about to come. She turned around to see the love of her life down on one knee with the most perfect ring in hand. Overwhelmed with disbelief and excitement, she couldn't even remember to say the word.

But, FINALLY, she said "YES!" and these two will be making it official (not that it wasn't already) on August 7th, 2020. Please join them for this celebration of love!
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